Asura's Wrath


There's no Asura's Wrath 2, but Street Fighter 5 has an Asura costume as DLC

Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a Kage.

Video | Asura's Wrath DLC trailer

Capcom expands eccentric action title.

First Asura's Wrath DLC out tomorrow

Then Ł5.49 for the game's "true conclusion" in May.

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Why imposing a definition can prove problematic.

Publisher Paradox: GAME was a bully, this is "karma"

"Now it comes back to bite them on the ass."

GAME won't stock Street Fighter x Tekken, Asura's Wrath

No decision made on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Japan chart: Asura's Wrath, Vita struggle

Strong debuts for Tales of the Heroes, new Harvest Moon.

Street Fighter DLC confirmed for Asura's Wrath

Plus, two story-based add-ons incoming.

Asura's Wrath delayed

Now out next month.

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More Heavy Rain than Bayonetta, Capcom's playable anime defies convention.

Video | Planet-poking Asura's Wrath demo trailer

Godly brawl available to try on Xbox Live now.

Asura's Wrath Xbox Live demo available now

GTA sale, Gears 3 DLC coming next week.

Final Fantasy 13-2 demo coming to PSN

Plus, Asura's Wrath, Grand Slam Tennis 2.

Video | Latest Asura's Wrath TGS trailer

A god's finger is a sizeable opponent.

Fresh new Asura's Wrath screenshots

Asian mythological sci-fi mashup action.

Video | Asura's Wrath combat footage

Deity drama as gods square off.

Video | Latest Asura's Wrath trailer

Planet-sized combat teased.

Asura's Wrath "satisfies" God Hand 2 cravings

Action games share inspiration.

Angry-looking Asura's Wrath screens

Latest peek at God-filled hack-and-slash.

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Capcom shows off incoming dust-up.

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Devil May Cry! Asura's Wrath! Case West!

Capcom announces Asura's Wrath

Unreal Engine 3-powered hack and slash.