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First Asura's Wrath DLC out tomorrow

Then £5.49 for the game's "true conclusion" in May.

Eccentric action title Asura's Wrath gets its first batch of DLC tomorrow, publisher Capcom has announced.

Episode 11.5 bridges the gap between episodes 11 and 12 from the retail version, with episode 15.5 following a week later on 4th April.

Both offer a brand new artistic style for the game and will set you back 160 Microsoft Points/£1.50/€1.99.

Episodes 19 to 22, which promise "the true conclusion to Asura's Wrath" follow on 25th April, bundled together for 560 Microsoft Points/£5.49/€6.99.

Then Street Fighter characters Ryu and Akum show up for a scrap with Asura on 9th and 16th May respectively. Those two add-ons will cost 160 Microsoft Points/£1.50/€1.99.

See the trailer below for more on what to expect.

The CyberConnect2-developed oddity launched arrived this month to an enthusiastic Eurogamer welcome.

"Alongside a rhythmic and uncommonly accessible beat-'em-up, Asura's Wrath is part rollercoaster, part anime blockbuster and part stress-ball," read Christian Donlan's 8/10 Asura's Wrath review.

"The end result may stretch the definition of a video game, perhaps, but it's also extremely hard to get angry about."