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Asura's Wrath the latest victim of duff Capcom spell checker

Game sleeve features another typo gaffe.

UPDATE: We've checked our office copy and the error is indeed present. See the picture below.

ORIGINAL STORY: Following last month's Resident Evil: Revelaitons cock-up, forthcoming action title Asura's Wrath is the latest game to slip past Capcom's spell-checking department with a clunker of a typo on its sleeve.

As noted by GamesRadar, a tagline on the back of the game box reads, "Relentless action and near impossible chanllenges."

The version in question was a promotional copy so the error may not make it across to the final retail release.

That said, the game is out next week in the US so Capcom may not have enough time to make any changes.

We're checking in with the publisher now to see what's up.

The publisher offered to send any customers disgruntled by the tainted Resident Evil: Revelations box art a brand new sleeve in the mail.

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