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Capcom botches Resident Evil: Revelations packaging

UPDATE: First production run will carry the error.

UPDATE: Capcom has confirmed that the game's first US production run will carry the error.

"It has come to our attention that there was a misspelling on the Resident Evil: Revelations packaging," a spokesperson for the publisher told Eurogamer.

"We apologise for the mistake, which will be corrected for subsequent productions of the game. We are working on a solution to provide affected customers with the correct packaging. Please visit Capcom-Unity for updates."

ORIGINAL STORY: Anyone up for a spot of schadenfreude? It seems Capcom has made a right old hash of the Resident Evil: Revelations packaging over in the US.

Images of copies of the game sent out early to members of the US press are doing the rounds on Twitter, with the spine mistakenly reading Resident Evil: Revelaitons.

With the game due in North American stores on 7th February (a week behind Europe), it seems unlikely that Capcom will have time to correct the gaffe in time for launch. We're checking in with the publisher now to find out.

If not, we could have an unintentional collector's edition on our hands.

This isn't the first time Capcom has ballsed up its packaging. Early copies of the Wii re-release of Okami sported IGN watermarks on the cover artwork.

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