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Resident Evil Revelations Handprint locations

Don't miss a single scan with our locations for all 30 Handprints.

Resident Evil Revelations contains 30 handprint locations, craftily hidden in nooks and crannies throughout the game's 12 episodes.

Locating them all will earn you a number of achievements or Trophies, as well as a few extra unlockables. Unfortunately, they're completely invisible under normal conditions and so very easy to miss.

You can only see them through your scanner, meaning that locating them all usually requires extreme vigilance throughout your adventure, scanning every single room and passageway that you encounter on your travels.

If you need more help, our complete Resident Evil Revelations walkthrough can assist with other sections of the game, including all Handprint locations, Raid mode and unlockables.

Resident Evil Revelations Handprint locations

To make this otherwise daunting task considerably easier, you'll find the locations of every handprint below, listed in order of appearance by episode. An important note though: simply revealing a handprint won't count toward your tally - you'll need to actively scan a handprint again once it's initially been revealed.

Episode 1: Into the Depths

Handprint number 1 - You'll find the first handprint in the second part of Episode 1 as you scour the beach for biomass carcasses. Once you reach the far west end of the beach, you'll spot a green FDC crate to the left of an abandoned fishing boat. Scan the front of the crate for the handprint.

Handprint number 2 - The next handprint can be found almost immediately on starting the third part of the episode, back on the Queen Zenobia. From the kitchen, head west through the door and into the crew cafeteria. Locate the purple vending machine in the northwest corner of the room and scan the vending machine on its left.

Handprint number 3 - Immediately after scanning the vending machine, leave the room via the door to the south, take a right along the corridor and follow the passage all the way around until you reach the staircase on your right. Climb the steps, and follow the corridor into the next room. Pass through the door to the east and slowly proceed along the corridor. Locate the air vent at ankle level on the right and scan it for the next handprint.

Handprint number 4 - Later in the third segment of the episode, you'll witness a woman being attacked by mutants behind a glass window. Enter the room and locate the x-ray images on the wall opposite the massive bloodstain, next to the computer terminal. Scan the x-rays for another handprint.

Episode 2: Into the Depths

Handprint number 5 - In the episode's opening sequence, as Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat explore the mountains of Europe, make your way to the front portion of the crashed plane. Open the cockpit door and scan the main control panel to reveal the handprint.

Handprint number 6 - Later in the first scene, you'll cross a rope bridge and drop down into a large room to fight a number of wolves. From here, follow the tunnel to the southeast, then scan the stalagmites in the small alcove to your left for another handprint.

Handprint number 7 - When you return to the Queen Zenobia for the second part of the episode, you'll need to help Jill retrieve all of your confiscated equipment. Once it's finally back in your possession, you can scan things again. Retrace your steps to the large dining area and scan the roast turkey on the table in the northeast corner of the room.

Handprint number 8 - With the scanner back in your possession, return to the bedroom that you woke up in at the start of the episode. Make your way north into the adjacent bathroom and scan the corner wall above the bath, near the shower head, to reveal the next handprint.

Handprint number 9 - Eventually, near the end of the second part of the episode, you'll reach the ship's Bridge. Scan the large glass window slightly to the right of the chair and main control panel for your prize.

Episode 3: Ghosts of Veltro

Handprint number 10 - You'll find the next handprint once you rejoin Jill and Parker on the Queen Zenobia, in the second part of Episode 3. After some thorough exploration, you'll eventually reach the ship's grandiose main hall. Follow the landing around until you reach the barred Communication Room then about-face. Scan the wooden_panelled wall directly ahead.

Handprint number 11 - Still in the main hall, descend the central staircase to lowest level then take a right and loop around beneath the steps. Locate the small alcove in the room's perimeter wall to the northeast and scan it to reveal the next handprint.

Handprint number 12 - The next handprint is located in the Solarium, accessible through the door on the uppermost landing in the main hall. When you reach the Solarium's cavernous pool area, head into the small room to the south (you'll need to solve the wire puzzle first) then scan the southern wall.

Handprint number 13 - Toward the end of segment, just prior to the Comms Officer boss fight, you'll find yourself in the ship's Promenade. Locate the kitchen area to the northeast of the main thoroughfare and scan the cupboard above the sink to reveal another handprint.

Handprint number 14 - Once you've defeated the Comms Officer boss, enter the small storage room on the upper level of the Promenade - it's the one you freed him from to start the fight. Scan the crate in the corner.

Handprint number 15 - Enter the lift after the boss fight, ride it up to the Deck, and step out into small eating area. Take a left then scan the second table to your left.

Episode 4: A Nightmare Revisited

Handprint number 16 - At the start of Episode 4, leave the Communication Room and make your way through the main hall back to the Solarium. The pool should now be virus-free if you started the filtration system earlier.

Jump into the water, swim along the tunnel, and take a right at the junction. You'll immediately reach a second junction so take a right again. Climb up the ladder onto dry land then climb the ladder to the left. Scan the very end of the diving board for another handprint.

Handprint number 17 - Once you reach the Casino, locate the group of five slot machines on the west wall in the southwest corner of the room. Scan the lefthand side of the second machine from the right.

Handprint number 18 - Later in the same sequence, you'll return to the Crew Quarters area that you visited right at the start of the game. Head to the room where you discovered the Chris Redfield dummy and step inside. Scan the large Veltro flag on the south wall to reveal the next handprint.

Episode 5: Secrets Uncovered

Handprint number 19 - There's a single, solitary handprint to be found In the first part of Episode 5, as you scour the mysterious Veltro airbase in the mountains with Quint Cetcham and Keith Lumley. Toward the end of the segment, you'll enter a room with a large projector screen on the east wall. Scan the lower righthand corner of the screen to reveal all.

Handprint number 20 - Back onboard the Queen Zenobia in the second part of the episode, there's a handprint waiting for you in the elevator room at the very start of the sequence. Make your way to the northeast corner of the room and scan the cabinet with a couple of books on top.

Episode 6: Cat and Mouse

Handprint number 21 - At the very end of the second part of Episode 6, after defeating the bludgeon boss, you'll head outside and climb to the top of the boat. Before you interact with the power box at the end of the walkway to trigger the wire puzzle, scan it to reveal the next handprint.

Episode 7: The Regia Solis

Handprint number 22 - Once you've defeated the Hunters out on deck at the end of Episode 7's first segment, head across the helipad as far west as you can possibly go. When you reach the ship's prow, scan the end of the small walkway sticking out over the water for another handprint.

Episode 8 - All on the Line

Handprint number 23 - At the start of Episode 8, you need to swim through the ship's flooded interior. Not long in, you'll reach a large storage area and climb a ladder leading out of the water. Immediately head left and follow the walkway all the way around. Climb the steps and enter the small control room. Finally, scan the glass window above the control panel.

Handprint number 24 - As you progress through Episode 8's third sequence, back onboard the Queen Zenobia, Jill and Chris will enter a locker room leading into a sterilisation chamber. Scan the empty locker on the southern wall to reveal another handprint.

Handprint number 25 - Immediately after you've been through the sterilisation chamber and killed the sword-and-shield mutant, you'll reach a large room with a fish tank in the centre. Scan the south-facing side of the fish tank to reveal the next handprint.

Handprint number 26 - From the fish tank room, ride the elevator down and step out into the long, oval-shaped corridor. Start walking forward and scan the lefthand side of the first archway.

Episode 9: No Exit

Handprint number 27 - In the second part of Episode 9, you'll resume control of Jill and explore the rooms around the laboratory's central control area. Shortly after navigating the first laser walkway, you'll reach a morgue. Scan the wall above the computer in the corner alcove to reveal another handprint.

Episode 11: Revelations

Handprint number 28 - As soon as the battle against the mighty sea behemoth Malacoda begins at the start of Episode 11, head to the middle of the walkway that runs parallel to the boss. You'll find a cylindrical tank among the junk to one side. Scan the tank to uncover the next handprint.

Episode 12: The Queen is Dead

Handprint number 29 - The two remaining handprints can be found in the first part of Episode 12. Late in the sequence, you'll stumble upon a large, gloomy dining hall, with a central table overflowing with bodybags. Scan the bloody scribbles on the southern wall for the penultimate handprint.

Handprint number 30 - Finally, the very last handprint! Right at the end of Episode 12's first segment, you'll locate Norman.

Scan the front of the stage he sits on, near the bottom, for your reward.

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