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Asura's Wrath "satisfies" God Hand 2 cravings

Action games share inspiration.

Capcom reckons upcoming action game Asura's Wrath will "satisfy" cravings fans have for a God Hand sequel.

2006 PlayStation 2 game God Hand was developed by now defunct Clover Studio – the developer behind Viewtiful Joe.

It was applauded by critics (Eurogamer's God Hand review awarded it 8/10), but failed to find commercial success.

God Hand was Clover's final title. The developer announced its closure days after the game's US release.

Since then, fans have crossed their fingers that Capcom may one day decide to publish a sequel.

And some have spotted similarities between God Hand and 2012 action game Asura's Wrath – a comparison producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya is delighted by.

"The reaction they had is because those people are looking for a crazy, over-the-top game. This game will be that for them.

"I'm happy this game satisfies those expectations or those cravings they have."

Asura's Wrath is a bonkers action game from CyberConnect2, the Japanese developer behind the Naruto video games.

You play Asura, a demigod upset that his former friends have kidnapped his daughter. A planetary sized boss tries to press him to death with its finger. Really.

"The inspiration behind making this game was I wanted to make something that gamers have never seen before," Tsuchiya added. "I'm sure that was the same motivation behind the team that made God Hand as well."