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UK games may get pricier next year

VAT's not very nice.

British shops may charge more for games after next month's VAT rise to 20 per cent.

As much as a pound may be tacked on to the pricey products, MCV reports.

The impact on consoles may be even more dramatic: MCV used the examples of a 160GB PS3 rising from £250 to £255, and the 320GB PS3 going from £285 to £291.

Shops' hands have been forced by the distributors, which demand sellers "accomodate" the imminent VAT rise. The result is a difficult choice for shopkeepers: either increase prices or suffer from lower profits.

The problem with increasing prices, however, is that supermarkets play by different rules, and continue to offer ludicrous savings that game-specialised shops can't match.

Heck, that's ASDA price.

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