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More iPad 2 details revealed

"Slimmer, lighter, better resolution."

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Like the heavily rumoured PSP2, the iPad 2 will have rear and front-facing cameras, multiple sources claim.

Four sources within Apple's component suppliers told respectable news agency Reuters the iPad 2 will release next year.

Production is expected to ramp up in the first quarter of 2011 for a new iPad with a targeted April refresh.

One source claimed the revamped model would be slimmer, lighter and have a better resolution display.

"It makes sense for these suppliers to begin delivering their goods in February," said Steven Tseng, an analyst at RBS in Taipei. "I think Steve Jobs will announce the new product in January, and we should see the new product hitting shops in about April."

The news backs up reports from earlier this week that suggested manufacturer Foxconn Electronics has been told to be ready to ship the iPad 2 within the next 100 days.

Initial shipments are expected to be between 400,000 and 600,000 units.

The original iPad has now sold over seven million units since it launched earlier this year.

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