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Jaffe: Kratos shouldn't rape MK victims

"I was being intentionally juvenile."

God of War creator David Jaffe has blurted out obscenities again. When mulling how Kratos might dispatch his foes in Mortal Kombat, Jaffe suggested the Greek powerhouse would "f*** the s*** out of Sonya and Katana at the same motherf***ing time!!!".

"Hell," he added in a tweet that seems to have been removed (but immortalised by Kotaku), "I think Kratos should reach out and pull the f***ing MK Classic narrator into the game and gut the f***er. Oh, or rip the head off."

Jaffe was responding to an OPM report that outed Kratos' PS3-exclusive Mortal Kombat appearance.

Hours after his outburst, Jaffe clarified for the internet that no, he does not advocate rape and that yes, he was having a laugh.

"Yes I was being intentionally juvenile - (I got no issues letting my inner 13 year old run free, clearly) but I was not advocating rape," Jaffe tweeted.

"I was suggesting, as a reward, Kratos gets a threesome with two of the hottest chix [sic] in gaming. Seems like a fun win-reward to me.

"Sorry to the mature people out there who are so serious about everything. OK, done spamming! Later!"

The furore has had the knock-on effect that Epic Games decision-makers Cliff Bleszinksi and Mark Rein openly - via Twitter - talked about getting Gears of War characters in the Xbox 360 version of Mortal Kombat.

Wrote Bleszinksi: "'Clay Carmine for exclusive 360 character in the new MK would be an awesome contrast to Kratos.' - I agree!"

"Must figure out a Gears char in MK!" he added.

To which Mark Rein responded: "Cliff: you know that Mortal Kombat game uses Unreal Engine 3, right? Just call Ed [Boon] and chat with him about it."