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Footage of Raven's stealth Bond game

Looks like Splinter Cell.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Early footage of Singularity developer Raven Software's rumoured stealth James Bond game has emerged.

It appears in the show reel of animator Hanjin Song (spotted by NeoGAF). The video has since been removed but is currently available to view on YouTube.

The footage reveals a James Bond game that echoes Ubisoft's recent Splinter Cell: Conviction. Bond is seen crouching behind cover, performing takedowns and shooting from a third-person perspective.

Overnight a fresh report claimed Raven had resumed work on a new James Bond game that had been put on hiatus by parent company Activision.

Song's LinkedIn profile reveals he is currently working at EA Chicago.

Activision is yet to comment on the game.

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