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Thor: God of Thunder release date

May be good.

Movie tie-in Thor: God of Thunder will launch on 3rd May 2011.

Confirmation comes from the Spike Video Game Awards trailer released at the weekend. It's below.

3rd May is a Tuesday, the day games are normally released in the US. We're checking on an European release date now.

Thor: God of Thunder is a third-person SEGA game co-written by Matt Fraction, the writer of the comic book series.

At the VGAs, Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the upcoming movie, took to the stage to introduce the game's trailer. The film is due out on 6th May in the US.

Chris "Captain Kirk" Hemsworth will reprise his role as Thor in SEGA's movie tie-in game. The publisher has also signed scrawny-faced British actor Tom Hiddleston to reprise his role as tricksy Norse god Loki.

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Thor: God of Thunder

PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS

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