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Golden Sun developer "excited" by 3DS

Refuses to reveal plans.

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn developer Hiroyuki Takahashi loves the 3DS so much he's "excited" to create a game for it.

Unfortunately, though, he won't say what he's got up his sleeve.

"I'm afraid I can't go into detail at this time, but the features of Nintendo 3DS are really exciting to me as a developer," the Camelot boss told IGN.

"I'm really excited to challenge myself and create something for it."

Camelot is behind a raft of Mario Golf and Mario Tennis games for Nintendo platforms. Could it be hard at work on a 3DS entry in either of those series?

Japanese role-playing fans will hope that Takahashi is so excited by the 3DS that he gives it the Golden Sun treatment - the series is considered by many to be the best in the JRPG class.

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