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Eurogamer meets Monty Python

Terries Jones and Gilliam talk games.

Usually when we interview celebrities about videogames, they claim to like them. Gemma Atkinson told us she enjoys playing while on the toilet, for example, while Konnie Huq declared herself to be a fan of SimAnimals.

So it made a nice change to interview Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam - two famous people happy to say they couldn't give a toss, are only in it for the money and don't even really understand how the whole thing works.

They're hawking new Facebook games portal The Ministry of Silly Games. Free to access and due to launch next year, it'll feature a host of games based on classic Monty Python nonsense.

These include Camelot Smashalot and Gumby Flower Arranging - direct descendants, ahem, of Angry Birds and Bejeweled. Other offerings include Space Invaders-style shooter Gillaxian, puzzler Aerial Antics and self-explanatory Twit Roulette.

So what else can we expect from the Ministry? Why did the Terries get involved? Whose idea was it for David Bowie to wear those grey tights in Labyrinth? In this video, the Terries answer all these questions and more. We've also included a transcript of the interview for people at work, as the video does contain shrieking.

Ellie meets the Terries.
EurogamerThank very much for meeting me today. Thank you also, I should say, as you're actually responsible for my entire existence.
Terry Jones

My God! You don't mean... No no no no no no no!

Terry Gilliam

I never touched your mother! It was him!

Terry Jones

I deny it, I deny it!

EurogamerI've actually come here for a DNA test... No. My Mum and Dad's first date consisted of my Dad, who'd only met my Mum in passing, knocking on my Mum's door and saying, "My telly's broken. I can't watch Monty Python. Can I come in and watch it on your telly?" 33 years later, here we are. So thanks for that.
Terry Gilliam

We apologise. Are you happy with your life?

EurogamerWell, you have also ruined it, because my Dad has been doing your catchphrases for 33 years. So when he produces this year's Christmas whoopie cushion and says, 'Breaks the ice at parties,' do you have a message I could give to him that will make him shut up?
Terry Jones

[Blows raspberry]

EurogamerThank you very much. Obviously you're not here to talk about me, unfortunately, we're here to talk about your new Facebook game...
Terry Jones

Ellie, we would like to talk about you, as much as possible.

Terry Gilliam

Because we've been in the virtual world far too long. We want to get back to real people, flesh and blood.

EurogamerMaybe later, but first... How excited are you about this Facebook game?
Terry Gilliam

[Begins panting]

Terry Jones

Breathless. We're breathless with excitement.

Terry Gilliam

[Begins barking]

Terry Jones

So excited.

Terry Gilliam


EurogamerI can tell. Are you both on Facebook already, or have you really no idea what's going on?
Terry Jones

No, I've no idea about Facebook actually.

Terry Gilliam

We're very lonely old men.

Terry Jones

People say, 'Will you agree to be a friend?' or something like that, and I always do accept.

Terry Gilliam

Do you?

Terry Jones

Yes. But I never do anything with it, I never chase them up or anything like that.

Terry Gilliam

We believe in anti-social networks. That's what we're fighting for these days. A chance to be alone. Now that's the thing - can you be alone on Facebook?

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