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Jeff Minter has made a new game!

Solar Minotaur Rescue Frenzy.

Old-school shoot-'em-up specialist Jeff Minter has made a new game for iPhone and iPod Touch, with animals in.

It's wacky, as is his trademark, and called Solar Minotaur Rescue Frenzy.

A spin on Asteroids, Minotaur challenges you to blast space-rocks, reveal horned cow-humanoids inside and then swipe your ship across the screen to rescue them before they are gobbled by the flames of the sun. Another mode removes the sun; another mode adds tanks; another mode adds jets.

Minotaur should be ready for App Store release at the turn of the year, according to TouchArcade.

Jeff Minter heads-up tiny studio Llamasoft, so named because of Minter's passion for animals - particularly sheep, which inhabit his homestead, a farm. Eurogamer called him a hippy in 2007 - what was the interviewer thinking?! - and talked a lot about his newer games Space Giraffe and Gridrunner++.