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Blitz plans indie gaming hub

IndieCity will be ultimate "one-stop shop."

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Image credit: Eurogamer

British developer Blitz has announced plans to launch IndieCity, a new online portal devoted to indie games.

The initiative's blog explains, "We don't feel that there are any other large-scale sites out there that are truly bringing together all things indie gaming.

"We want to bring together developers, gamers and press to make IndieCity the one stop shop to find, download, talk about and buy these games that are being made by so many talented people.

"We want a site that explores the diverse world of indie development and shows the incredibly innovative, creative content in a way that makes them a breeze to find."

And exactly what sort of games can we expect to find when it launches?

"'What do you mean by 'indie'' I hear you ask? We'll save the lengthy debate that the topic brings for a later date, but to us the essence of indie gaming is any game that couldn't be classified as "manufactured" or "mainstream AAA," the blog rather nebulously explains.

Blitz, whose recent titles include Biggest Loser and Karaoke Revolution, hasn't announced a launch date yet but is looking for feedback from gamers on the concept. Get on over to the blog to share your thoughts – swag and beta invites are promised for those who get involved.

Any developers interested in seeing their games on the service can get in touch via the official IndieCity site.

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