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echochrome ii dated for PSN

Move-friendly puzzle sequel drops in.

The Move-only sequel to fiendish 2008 PlayStation Network puzzler echochrome will be available in the US on 21st December, Sony has confirmed.

While the rather excellent original saw you shifting the perspective of a set of platforms by rotating a level with an analogue stick, echochrome ii puts the Move controller to good use.

Producer Kumi Yuasa told the PlayStation Blog, "The blocks and objects you see in each level will cast different shadows depending on your movement so as you alter the perspective and angles by adjusting this light source, you will manipulate the shadows they cast to ultimately reveal a solution to the puzzle and guide your character to the exit."

There are 100 levels promised, with each playable in three different ways. Escort mode sees you just trying to get to the exit, in Echo mode you have to collect a number of objects in each stage and Paint mode demands you colour in a certain percentage of the stage by walking over it.

No European date or pricing has been confirmed yet, but we're chasing.