echochrome ii

echochrome ii

echochrome ii

Light fantastic.

It's easy to grow weary and cynical about the proliferation of sequels in a games industry where numbers are slapped on the end of any reasonably successful product, apparently without a thought. "If sales = good then sequel," rattles the industry machine. Very rarely do those follow-ups bother to advance or evolve what came before, apart from the expected visual tweaks and a couple of vaguely different features.

The stubbornly lower case echochrome ii is one of those rare gems, a game that bears only a surface similarity to its ancestor. Instead of churning out another couple of hundred levels of monochromatic physics-warping puzzles, Sony's Japan Studio has taken the series off in a whole new direction, seamlessly incorporated Move motion control and addressed the major criticisms of the first game along the way.

"Once you understand how it's done, and have played through a few dozen levels, the novelty wears off, and all that remains is the rather cold process of grinding away until some combination of the game's five laws guides your little man successfully between his objectives." That was Tom, dissecting the original in 2008 and finding a good-but-not-great 7/10 in its squishy guts.

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echochrome ii dated for PSN

Move-friendly puzzle sequel drops in.

The Move-only sequel to fiendish 2008 PlayStation Network puzzler echochrome will be available in the US on 21st December, Sony has confirmed.