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PETA serves up Super Tofu Boy

Team Meat's platformer goes veggie.

Any flesh-shy vegetarian gamers who fell for Super Meat Boy's perfect platforming but balked at all the gore sloshing about might welcome news that US animal rights group PETA has just launched its own food-based jumper: Super Tofu Boy.

Rather than take control of a cube of raw steak as you did in Team Meat's Xbox Live Arcade hit, PETA's effort sees the titular lump of bean curd trying to save Bandage Girl from the clutches of jilted ex-boyfriend Meat Boy.

Have a go - it's not half bad actually.

When Eurogamer spoke to Team Meat prior to the game's release, co-CEO Edmund McMillen told us he was disappointed that the game hadn't already attracted PETA's attention.

"I kind of wish that PETA had flipped out over it so that we could get some crazy press out of it," he said, "but no, they don't seem to care at all."

A post on Team Meat's Twitter feed today reads "Holy sh*t, Peta made a Tofu parody game of Super Meat Boy... my dreams have come through!"

In other Super Meat Boy news, the brilliant indie platformer just launched on PC. There have been a few bugs reported though, and Team Meat are currently hard at work on a patch.

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