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Rock Band 3 pause scoring exploit fixed

Title update addresses community complaints.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Up for sale developer Harmonix has made good on its promise to continue to support Rock Band 3 with a title update that fixes a number of problems gamers have complained about.

The update should be live for the PlayStation 3 version of the incredible music game, with the Xbox 360 update due "in the near future", Harmonix wrote on its forum.

The update fixes the Arena 12 Freeze, eradicates problems associated with save data affected by long band names, and has put a stop to the pause scoring exploit.

"It's our hope that this update will address some of the most immediate concerns of the community and improve your enjoyment of a game that many of you clearly cannot get enough of," Harmonix said.

"Thanks so much for your continued feedback. It's your input that helps challenge us to continually raise the bar in music gaming."

Another update is promised for the near future.

Johnny turned up a whopping 10/10 in Eurogamer's Rock Band 3 review.

While Rock Band 3 is an critical success, commercially it has had a tough time. Leaked sales data revealed Rock Band 3 sold just 7386 units for the week ending 30th October in the UK, and earlier this month MTV owner Viacom announced plans to sell Harmonix, saying it's currently unprofitable.

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