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Paul McCartney hits Rock Band 3

Inhabited and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

A four pack of songs from Paul McCartney, and singles from Inhabited and Siouxsie and The Banshees, will be available to download from the Rock Band 3 Music Store from 28th December.

The "Celebrating Band on the Run Pack" includes McCartney classics "Maybe I'm Amazed", "Band on the Run", "Helen Wheels" and "Let Me Roll It", which features a Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade.

The Inhabited track is "Open My Eyes". "Cities in Dust" is the Siouxsie and The Banshees track and features a Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade.

All songs feature five-button guitar and bass parts, drums, Pro Drums, and keys, Pro Keys and harmonies, where applicable. The Pro Guitar and Pro Bass upgrades cost an extra £0.59 (€0.79 / 100 Wii Points / 80 Microsoft Points).

Each song will be sold separately, for £0.99 ($1.99 / €1.49), 160 Microsoft Points or 200 Wii Points. The Celebrating Band on the Run Pack will set you back £3.49 ($6.99 / €5.29), 560 Microsoft Points, or 700 Wii Points.

The tracks are available to download to the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band 3 first – on 28th December. Wii and PlayStation 3 owners have to wait until 4th January (European PS3 owners have to wait till 5th January).

A whopping 75 million songs have been sold through the Rock Band Music Store since launch on 20th November 2007.

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