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Nintendo employees get £11k bonus

They're coining it in.

It's a good time to work for Nintendo of Japan. Apparently, employees have just received a ¥1.45 million (about £11,000) bonus – way above industry average.

According to Japanese site Zakzak, as translated by 1Up, that's a slight increase on last year and considerably higher than at other Japanese companies. Apparently, Honda workers got ¥1.09 million (around £8000), telecommunications giant NTT got ¥0.96 million (around £7500) and Japan Rail Central ¥0.91 million (around £7000).

Not bad, especially considering Nintendo has hardly had a bumper year. In October, the platform holder announced a ¥2 billion net loss compared to the same six month period in 2009, which saw a ¥69.5 billion profit.

The average annual salary at Nintendo for workers aged between 35 and 39 is apparently ¥4.97 million (around £38,000), including bonuses.