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PlayStation Phone called Xperia Play?

Sony logs trademark and domain names.

The much-rumoured PlayStation Phone might just have got itself a name. Sony Ericsson has just logged an EU trademark for something called the Xperia Play.

The listing, spotted by PocketNow, offers no additional information, other than that the application was filed on 1st December.

However, an unofficial Xperia blog has added that Sony Ericsson's PR firm Jung Relations has registered a number of Xperia Play domain names.

The Xperia brand is a line of Sony Ericsson smart phones which first launched in 2008. The most recent version, the Xperia X8, runs Android 2.1, has 168MB of memory and a 3.15MP camera.

Very little else is known for sure about the gadget, however, a reveal is expected at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona in February.

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