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UFC suing Ubisoft over Fighters Uncaged

Wants all copies destroyed.

Mixed martial arts brand UFC is suing game company Ubisoft for using the term "the Ultimate Fighting weapon" to promote awful Kinect game Fighters Uncaged.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship's parent company, Zuffa, is upset over Ubisoft's promise to allow gamers to create "the ULTIMATE FIGHTING weapon" with the game, according to a report on Sherdog.

In Fighters Uncaged, players are dropped into the world of underground street-fighting. Zuffa said that creates a false association with the UFC and "deliberate" confusion in the mind of the consumer, who may believe Fighters Uncaged to be based on the UFC brand.

As the brand of street fighting depicted in the game is illegal in the U.S., Zuffa says that the game is "tarnishing" its brand reputation.

Zuffa wants Ubisoft to immediately remove the slogan and destroy all outstanding copies of the game bearing it.

Zuffa, of course, has an interest of its own in the videogame world. Publisher THQ currently enjoys a grip on the UFC license, and produces games based on it.

Ellie awarded Fighters Uncaged 2/10 in Eurogamer's review.