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Fighters Uncaged revealed for Kinect

Ubisoft teaching you Thai boxing.

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Ubisoft is making a fighting game called Fighters Uncaged exclusively for Xbox 360 Kinect.

Out in November, Uncaged teaches 20 real Thai boxing moves and then pits you against opponents in a variety of dramatic locales: rooftops, city docks, abandoned churches, dark alleys, Wetherspoons, etc. You'll use fists, knees, legs, elbows and even your head - and you can defend yourself as well as shuffle closer or further away.

Characters can be upgraded to learn new skills, combos, voice-activated super-strikes and "merciless" finishing moves.

Rounding the package off will be jump-in multiplayer, although we're not sure for how many.

Developer AMA Studios is making the game.

"If I had to give you the three key features of this game," chirped project manager Luc Verdier, "I would say that, first, you won't find any other game with this level of depth of fight techniques.

"Second, there are many ways to beat an opponent depending of your personality (you can be defensive, offensive, try to use chain damages or focus on the weak points). Last but not least, Fighters Uncaged is a thrilling opportunity for any player to understand how fun motion gaming is on Kinect, and to fulfil the dream of having a go at a fighting game using full body movement and without the distraction of a controller."

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