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Sony hides free PS3s and PSPs in Dublin

Some people have all the luck.

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Today and tomorrow Sony Computer Entertainment Ireland is giving away free PlayStation 3s and PlayStation Portables on the streets of Dublin city centre. But there's a catch.

Sony dotted just 12 gift boxes packed with consoles and games in random locations across the Republic of Ireland's capital. It's up to punters to spot them.

Before you grab your passport and jump on the ferry, know this: at the time of writing there are only nine boxes left to find.

It's happy days for those who make the effort, though. Prizes include PlayStation 3 consoles, PlayStation Move Starter Packs, PSPs and a selection of games.

There are location clues on PlayStation Ireland's Facebook page. It's all kicking off over there.

Whatever you do, avoid Dr Quirkey's Good Time Emporium. Sony dare not leave a PS3 in there.

Ho ho ho.

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