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Sony launches GT5 Mercedes comp

Signature Ed. owners: now's your chance.

Sony has just announced details of how to enter the competition included in the Signature Edition of Gran Turismo 5 to win a £150,000 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the first phase of the competition will be open from 27th December until 23.59pm on 31st January 2011.

Here's what you need to do to be in with a chance of walking away with some flash new wheels:

Step 1: Redeem the PSN Voucher Code Sign-in to your PSN Account, go to PlayStation Store and redeem the competition PSN voucher code found in the leather wallet of the Signature Edition.

Step 2: Register on Go to the website accept the Terms and Conditions, sign-in to your PSN Account and fill in the registration form.

Step 3: The Signature Edition Challenge Boot up your copy of Gran Turismo 5, sign-in to your PSN Account and get yourself on the Signature Edition Challenge which will be accessible from the Seasonal Events section within the game.

The competition itself will have putting your skills to the test in five races across five different courses in the B-Spec mode.

The entrant with the fastest composite time over the five courses within various regional groups will win a place in phase two, which kicks off in the Spring. That'll see you hooning around in a real-life AMG for two days in a number of challenges, with the winner bagging the supercar, pictured below.