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Home gets Plus exclusive Members Club

Multiplayer space combat game added.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those of you who like spending time in the PlayStation 3's virtual world Home will have another reason to do so this week when Sony launches a new party venue.

The catch? It's only open to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Perhaps that's why it's called the PlayStation Plus Members Club.

Set to open its doors today, the club will greet players with "discrete" doorman who will check your credentials. Inside there's a "stylish" bar area decked out in black and gold décor.

There are discrete alcoves for socialising, too.

Games include Shed, a two to four player card game. There's a cocktail menu and big screen to watch trailers from.

Meanwhile, Sony's added a multiplayer space combat game to Home, called Novus Prime. Hellfire Games' effort features single-player or multiplayer cooperative gameplay. You pilot a fighter craft while defending the world from invading forces. Screens of both the Members Club and Novus Prime are below.

There's more on the PS Home additions over at the EU PlayStation Blog.

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