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Cradle of Civilization (V) maps released

Don't Mesopotamia with me.

Bored of Civilization V? Get some new maps - they've just been released.

The Cradle of Civilization DLC includes levels based on the Americas, Asia, Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean.

They're £2 each on Steam, or you can buy the Cradle of Civilization Map Pack Bundle for £6.30.

Civilization V, released in September, was predictably good. But not brilliant. What did Eurogamer think? "For all the hours it eats up, outside of its multiplayer it gives disappointingly little back, and it will continue to give very little back until Firaxis bites the bullet and admits that there are aspects of Civilization which deserve not just to be improved, but fixed."

Imagine if Sid Meier was called Adam, or Ad for short.