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Secret of Mana hits App Store this month

Classic SNES RPG goes portable.

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Beloved SNES action RPG Secret of Mana is due to arrive on the App Store before the end of the month.

In a post on publisher Square Enix's Facebook page, producer Masaru Oyamada, who looks like he's barely out of short trousers, said, "I'm really happy to announce this news.We had submitted Secret of Mana". And now we've got the green light to release it!!"

"Ah... my biggest work this year is over. Now I can take a rest! Woww!" he added.

Oyamada wasn't willing to fess up to an exact release date, insisting, "The actual release date is still 'secret' but we'll release it soon in this month. I swear it's soon! I swear again IT'S REALLY SOON!! We hope you'll enjoy the Christmas and new year holidays with Secret of Mana!"

Aww bless.

The iOS version is expected to be a faithful port of the original, albeit with revamped visuals. Take a look at the rather lovely screenshots below for a better idea of how it's looking.

A sequel of sorts to Game Boy RPG Final Fantasy Adventure, the original Secret of Mana was released way back in 1993 on the SNES, netting considerable acclaim for its innovative co-op gameplay. There have been a bunch of not-nearly-as-good sequels since, of which the dismal 2007 DS effort Heroes of Mana is the most recent.

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