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More new BioWare game info teased

VGA host keeps things cryptic.

A little more information has seeped out about the new BioWare title due to be announced at the Spike VGA event next week, courtesy of awards host Geoff Keighley.

A brief clip posted on Spike and reproduced below sees Geoff explaining that the short trailer released earlier this month is a "three second sneak preview of a much longer piece that's going to premier at the VGAs."

He doesn't give anything concrete away but does reveal "that it's not all set in that location that you see. You may see something else in there that will get you pretty excited."

Elsewhere in the tease he offers a few ambiguous hints at what the original trailer might have shown.

"Maybe this is set somewhere familiar," he ponders. "Doesn't that look a little bit like..." he asks, before an edit cuts him off mid-sentence.

Curious, to be sure. Here's what we know for sure so far: A binary code BioWare posted on their Facebook page showed the number 55.845, otherwise known as the atomic weight of iron.

Another then gave a temperature value of -128.5˚ Fahrenheit. That's the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth (Vostok, Antartica on 21st July 1983). However, Vostok is also the name of a planetary system in Mass Effect, as well as the name of the first manned spaceflight.

A third code hid the URL for the British Secret Intelligence Service – otherwise known as MI6 – while a fourth clue then led us to an album cover by The Clash

Sony's Russian outpost then tweeted that the clip showed Mass Effect 3, though no confirmation was ever issued as to whether that was a genuine slip of the tongue or mere speculation, though the tweet was later removed.

Whatever it is, we'll find out for sure on 11th December.

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