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Sony Russia confirms Mass Effect 3?

References game in Twitter post.

BioWare is preparing to unveil Mass Effect 3, if a tweet from SCEE Russia is to be believed.

A post on the PlayStation Russia Twitter page, translated by RipTen, reads, "The company Bioware for premium VGA showed a teaser in which we can see the first shots of Mass Effect 3."

The clip it's referring to is posted below.

So, is this confirmation of a third full Mass Effect game or just an incorrect assumption on the part of a Sony Russia staffer? We've been in touch with Sony US for clarification and will update as soon as we hear back.

BioWare has been releasing cryptic clues for its as-yet-unannounced new title all week on its Facebook page. It's due to be officially unveiled at the Spike VGA Awards on 11th December.