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December 2004 Archive

    1. Football Manager boss calls for tsunami aid
    1. Reader Reviews
    2. Archer Maclean's Mercury
    1. Merry Christmas From Eurogamer!
    1. NBA rejects EA exclusivity proposal - report
    2. MK: Deception Cube to feature playable bosses
    3. Konami plans Japan-only online PS2 Pro Evo
    4. Rockstar releases GTA2 for free
    5. Reebok products to appear in key EA sports titles
    6. Majesco invites slaughter of fluffy creatures
    1. Katamari Damacy sequel details
    2. EA releases second Pacific Assault MP demo
    3. Sam Fisher in... Pin the caption on the screenshot!
    4. Nintendo 'fesses up to Wario Ware DS bugs
    5. Japanese firm to sell PSP-friendly movies online
    6. Pre-Christmas fun: shooting rocks with mice
    7. Square Enix fires up Drakengard sequel
    1. UK Charts: Need For Speed Underground 2 grabs Christmas No.1
    2. Forza pushed back to April '05
    3. PlayStation Portable
    4. Paramount acquires film rights to Splinter Cell
    5. NVIDIA PS3 GPU to be completed by end of 2005
    6. Half-Life 2 demo released
    7. EA changes conditions of DICE proposal
    1. EA to buy 20 per cent share in Ubisoft
    2. Brazilian crowned FIFA Interactive World Player 2004
    3. Juiced now set for May 2005 release
    4. Midway plans unlicensed American Football title
    5. Driver creator leaves Reflections
    1. E3 2003: Sony announces PlayStation Portable
    2. PlayStation - the house that Sony built
    3. PSP global launch in November
    4. Key Japanese publishers sign on for PSP
    5. How much for a PSP, Sony?
    6. New PSP spec to feature 32Mb of RAM
    7. PSP delayed outside of Japan
    8. Take-Two planning early support for PSP
    9. Kuju starts work on PSP technology development
    10. Sony to ship 3m PSPs by March '05
    11. PlayStation Portable officially unveiled in Los Angeles
    12. PSP garners massive third party software support
    13. PlayStation Portable playable for the first time at TGS
    14. Bonnell attacks Sony over lack of PSP detail
    15. Burnout for PlayStation Portable?
    16. Sony reveals PSP translation software, wireless multiplayer
    17. Sony denies delay to PSP launch
    18. 75 reasons to buy PlayStation Portable
    19. Johnny Depp on PlayStation Portable?
    20. New PSP delay fears
    21. Bigbig working on PSP driving title
    22. Tokyo gets ready for PSP launch
    23. PSP is finished, Sony outlines plans
    24. PSP will play games for eight hours - reports
    25. Tiger Woods and NFSU are PSP launch titles
    26. PlayStation Portable to support MP3 playback
    27. TGS 2004: PlayStation Portable
    28. Sony plans power restrictions on PSP games
    29. PSP launch within 2004 'secure' - CTO
    30. Activision confirms two PSP launch titles
    31. Sony executive hints at PSP launch delay
    32. EA plans up to six PSP launch titles
    33. FIFA Football will be PSP launch title
    34. SEGA plans four more PSP titles
    35. PlayStation Portable pricing, launch line-up, battery life unveiled
    36. FFVII game planned for PSP
    37. PSP bandwagon sees GT4 date announced
    38. THQ arrives at PSP party
    39. Dark Cloud dev working on PSP RPG
    40. PSP golf titles to launch together
    41. PSP Ridge Racers track details, new shots
    42. Ridge Racers, Wipeout Pure PSP footage
    43. Microsoft execs comment on PlayStation Portable
    44. PSP Ridge Racers videos slide into view
    45. Colin McRae and TOCA both bound for PSP
    46. Third parties confirm dates for PSP titles
    47. Kuju flying high on PSP with new project
    48. Sony working on manga-inspired PSP fighter
    49. PSP December line-up rejigged
    50. Ignition to publish Archer Maclean's PSP launch title
    51. Ridge Racers nitro meter and 'Sleep mode' details
    52. NFSU Rivals slips off the PSP pace
    53. PSP to support MPEG-4 playback - Sony
    54. Ridge Racers course and music listings
    55. SCEE reveals PlayStation Portable portfolio
    56. Massive queues in Japan as PSP sells out
    57. PSP: Battery life, load times, and build quality
    58. Capcom polls for PSP dev suggestions
    59. Nintendo DS round-up
    60. More on Nintendo DS
    61. Sega has DS dev tools
    62. Nintendo brass on DS, online gaming
    63. Nintendo DS wireless?
    64. Nintendo DS will not be called Nitro
    65. Leaked DS specs reveal touch screen, wireless LAN, 3D graphics
    66. Nintendo DS will be playable at E3
    67. Nintendo trumpets DS support
    68. DS image and info hits the web ahead of Nintendo E3 conference
    69. Nintendo DS disassembled
    70. Nintendo DS games explored
    71. Full Nintendo DS line-up unveiled
    72. Nintendo may take a hit on early DS shipments
    73. Rare developing for Nintendo DS
    74. Nintendo DS launch demos
    75. Microsoft denies Rare support for DS
    76. Miyamoto mentions second DS Mario title
    77. Monkey Ball, Silent Hill among possible DS titles
    78. Retail reports point to DS pricing, date, software
    79. EA announces first Sims game for Nintendo DS
    80. Nintendo DS - New design, name, logo unveiled
    81. Square Enix polls consumers on DS titles
    82. Atlus plans five Nintendo DS titles
    83. Nintendo DS Japanese game list translated
    84. 32 Japanese devs working on Nintendo DS
    85. Atlus plans surgery game for Nintendo DS
    86. Microsoft stands firm on 'no DS development' line
    87. Nintendo announces Western DS games list
    88. NDS to launch in US before Thanksgiving - reports
    89. Nintendo plans DS colour variations
    90. Nintendo DS to support external mic headset
    91. Giftpia dev, Spike and Nintendo DS game reports
    92. Giftpia dev's DS game 'all a lie'
    93. Third parties to fly DS flag at Tokyo Game Show
    94. Nintendo DS draws ever closer
    95. DS details on October 7th?
    96. Nintendo DS officially priced and dated
    97. SEGA brings Puyo Pop Fever to Nintendo DS
    98. Metroid Prime: Hunters demo bundled with DS
    99. Nintendo raises DS shipment projections
    100. DS packshots, Metroid details and new games
    101. SEGA's Project Rub to be DS launch title
    102. DS 'to launch with four games'
    103. Nintendo confirms titles for DS launch window
    104. Nintendo confirms DS wireless downloads, more
    105. Miyamoto mentions Zelda DS
    106. Square Enix on FF III, Crystal Chronicle, more
    107. Nintendo yet to confirm DS launch line-up
    108. THQ unveils Nintendo DS line-up
    109. EA confirms three DS launch titles
    110. Konami working on Mystical Ninja DS title
    111. Capcom talks Viewtiful Joe DS
    112. Tiger Woods DS delayed
    113. Dev comment re-opens Rare on DS rumours
    114. Ignition to publish DS puzzler in Europe
    115. Watch Countdown on your Nintendo DS
    116. Nintendo promises to fix any DS dead pixels
    117. Ubi plans three DS launch titles in Europe
    118. No European DS launch details before January
    119. Nintendo DS First Look
    120. Nintendo DS
    121. Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt
    122. Nintendo DS sells 500,000 in US launch week
    123. Namco announces RPG titles for Nintendo DS
    124. American Mr. Driller DS missing Japanese features?
    125. Nintendo DS sales figures in line with GBA launch
    126. Mario DScussion
    127. Ninty boss slams PSP as DS shipment target raised
    128. Atari plans retro DS compilation
    129. Nintendo unveils A/V playback adapter for GBA/DS
    130. Feel the Magic is DS Euro launch title
    131. Analysts speculate on DS price point
    132. Nintendo DS: Reasons to care
    133. Nintendo unveils dual screen handheld
    134. Forza Motorsport
    135. Microsoft sells off sports game studio to Take Two
    136. Resident Evil 4 gets European release date
    137. Valve releases de_prodigy for CS: Source
    138. Vivendi's Hulk sequel a bit Grand Theft Also?
    139. Rockstar's console, PSP plans for 2005
    140. World of Warcraft
    141. GTA: San Andreas Xbox and PC release dates
    1. Katamari Damacy sequel shots, info
    2. Anarchy Online now subscription-free
    3. 'Next chapter' of Saga of Ryzom released
    4. George A. Romero signs with Hip for game series
    5. Metal Gear Acid and Snake Eater USB connectivity?
    1. Digital Illusions shareholders reject EA buyout
    2. Atari commits Act of War in early 2005
    3. Doom scriptwriter speaks out
    4. Majesco picks up Phantom Dust for US release
    5. MMORPG island plot sold for staggering sum
    6. Face the cast of Scarface
    1. EA wipes out rival NFL titles with new licensing deal
    2. New Dragonshard trailer and screenshots
    3. UK Charts: NFSU2 still leads the field
    4. The Matrix going online later than expected
    5. Gizmondo gets email upgrade
    6. Dynasty Warriors 5 due in 2005
    1. Reader Reviews
    2. Mercenaries gets early Jan US launch
    3. Lanning reveals 'politically controversial' game
    4. Shining Force PS2 title renamed, dated
    5. Cryptic talks up City of Heroes 'issue three' update
    6. Conflict series takes on Rainbow Six
    1. Sony airlifting PS2s to Europe and North America
    2. Game Stars to return in 10 episode series
    3. Football Manager 2005 patched
    4. Reader Reviews
    5. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
    1. Oxygen to publish Kuju's Conspiracy
    2. Sven Co-op for Half-Life 2 takes shape
    3. Chinese government attacks Football Manager 2005
    4. Codies suspend development of Club Football
    5. Donkey Kong takes over February 4th
    1. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    2. Rise of the Kasai now offline
    3. UK Charts: NFSU2 still in front of San Andreas
    4. Apply now for City of Heroes Euro beta places
    5. The WOW against terrorism
    6. Excel powers advanced Halo 2 stats system
    1. EA working on new C&C Red Alert game
    2. UK Gov calls for stronger ratings enforcement
    3. Sony to replace defective demo discs with games
    4. Cordless Headset for Xbox, anybody?
    1. EA considers changing rules on overtime payments
    2. Sid Meier's Interview!
    3. Blizzard bans World of Warcraft cheaters
    4. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    1. Press Release Pain
    1. Reader Reviews
    2. Halo 2 global sales pass five million units
    1. Metal Gear Solid 3 due in March with Euro bonuses
    2. Infinium sued by former investment bankers
    3. Bungie rejigs Halo 2 matchmaking options
    4. Nintendo plans move into animation industry
    1. Midway buys out Paradox Entertainment
    2. Grand Theft Auto bricks itself
    3. Valve surprises all with Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
    4. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 4 due in spring
    5. Mizuguchi to head up Bandai's new games label