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Juiced now set for May 2005 release

But only because we want it to be perfect, says dev.

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Juice Games' arcade racing title Juiced will finally see the light of day in May 2005, new publisher THQ has revealed, and will be significantly enhanced compared to the version that previous publisher Acclaim had been distributing to reviewers before its implosion at the start of September.

Juiced will be released on PS2, Xbox and PC, and Colin Bell, developer of Juice Games, believes that the game's well documented delay has actually proven to be a blessing. "Every developer dreams of having a few months to polish their creation so that it truly matches the original vision they had for it," he says.

"That's exactly the opportunity we've been given by THQ. Racing game fans are very discerning, and we're keen to deliver something that far exceeds their expectations." Amongst the additions that will help it do that are more cars and tracks, and tweaks to handling and visuals. You can find out more about the rest of the package in our ageing preview here.

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