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Football Manager boss calls for tsunami aid

Sports Interactive chief Miles Jacobson wants your money. And there are no games involved.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sports Interactive head Miles Jacobson today issued an impassioned plea to the gaming world to send money to the victims of the horrific tsunami that struck many Indian Ocean nations on Boxing Day.

"I don't think any words from me or anyone else at Sports Interactive can describe the feelings at the moment over the natural disaster that has happened in the Indian Ocean and its surrounding countries in the last few days," said Jacobson, speaking on the Sports Interactive's site. "I wish that we could say that it was getting better, but it isn't, with the death tolls rising rapidly, and worse to come with the disease and death that follows a natural disaster such as this, whether it be disease from dead bodies of humans and animals floating around in the water, to starvation and dehydration through lack of food and drinking water."

Jacobson particularly wanted to draw the public's attention to the Disaster Emergencies Committee as a destination for donations for victims of the tragedy.

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