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Feel the Magic is DS Euro launch title

But it'll be called Project Rub over here.

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SEGA has revealed that its Nintendo DS title Feel the Magic: XY-XX will launch alongside the handheld hardware in Europe in Q1 2005.

However the game, which was also a launch title in both the US and Japan, will go by the name of Project Rub over here for one reason or another.

Having reviewed it just this week, we can safely say that it's a worthy launch title, and does, as SEGA states, take full advantage of the DS's many unusual features - regularly justifying use of both screens, stylus and even microphone.

The idea behind the game is to guide a smitten young man on an unusual quest to win the heart of a young lady, but really that's just a means to an end - the end being a lot of quirky mini-games that have you unicycling along gangplanks, spray-painting hearts on walls and chucking fireballs into the mouths of giant flowers amongst other things.

It's a great little game, and our only real concerns with it came over the quality of some of the mini-games and its longevity, but fortunately you can usually avoid having to replay the games you don't particularly enjoy.

Whether it'll do as SEGA suggests and "be what Tetris was to Game Boy" is another matter entirely, but we certainly won't turn down another chance to play it when the DS materialises in Europe in Q1 2005.

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