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Majesco invites slaughter of fluffy creatures

Death to all who bear fur and are cuddwy and wickle darwings oo's a wickle daaaarwing! Yes you aaaare!

Majesco likes to kill fluffy bunnies and wants you to join in. No, this isn't the usual publisher-baiting bollocksery you've come to expect, but the very aim of "Raze's Hell", due out excluuusively on Xbox next spring in the US of America. Newly announced this week for maximum blasphemy, it's a game in which you control a monster trying to smash the adorability off the faces of fluffy life everywhere and plunge the world back into fiery torment where it belongs.

His name is Raze.

We're going to put our groans on hold for now though, because as with Wideload Games' Rebel Without A Pulse, in which you play as a zombie munching on humanity, or Voodoo Vince, which saw your little voodoo doll character pricking himself with pins to hurt other people, Raze's Hell sounds like one of those delightful attempts to upend the rules of traditional game worlds and make us laugh about it all.

That's certainly the impression Majesco is trying to foster on behalf of developer Artech Studios, insisting that the third-person shooting action in Raze's Hell will be darkly comic and consistently amusing as well as "riotously grisly" in terms of the way you're able to dispatch your enemies - a bunch of fluffy faux-reprobates clutching killer jack-in-the-boxes, lollipop axes and bunny rocket launchers amongst other things. To put it in contextually ambiguous numbers: there'll be 20 cute little enemies, 10 big old weapons for Raze to wield when he's not rolling, stealthing or meleeing himself around, and 20 equally big old levels to navigate. Oh, and split-screen co-operative play in addition to unspecified Xbox Live support.

We're also ignoring the fact that the plot - something about a twisted Princess and the people of Kentucky or something we can't quite recall now since we closed the browser window - is eerily reminiscent of EG production "Space Attack: Cobra - The Unicorn Incident". Because, based on the fact you get to mash fluffy critters, we reckon this has the potential to be unrubbish. Hell, it's going on our list. We'll tell you more about it when they tell us.

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