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Nintendo plans DS colour variations

The two-tone look will remain, but it won't just be black and silver. Plus - a Japanese spokesperson hints that there may be more functionality still to be revealed.

Nintendo could release different two-tone colour variations on the black and silver Nintendo DS design, company spokesman Mitsuaki Hagishima has revealed in the latest issue of Japanese Nintendo Dream magazine.

"There's nothing specific decided about the colouring, except that it will be two-toned," said Hagishima. "We released three colour variations when the GBA launched. We're still thinking about what colour variations of the DS to release, but while taking into consideration the production efficiency, we're thinking of releasing colours that are popular throughout the world, since it will be launched worldwide."

Hagishima also made a couple of cryptic comments relating to the as-yet unidentified square-edge port next to the headphone socket along the base of the unit. "There's a little secret to this," he commented. "It looks as though you can plug something in there, but the stylus pen is going to be connected to the back, so... we'll reveal more in the future." Firewire perhaps? It has that look to it. Have a look here and ponder for yourself.

The Nintendo DS is still on track for release in the US and Japan before Christmas (some say before Thanksgiving in November - a report Nintendo has yet to refute), and should be with us here in Europe during Q1 2005.

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