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PlayStation Portable playable for the first time at TGS

Want to get your thumbs wrapped around some PSP games? Be in Chiba City, Tokyo on the last weekend of September, then.

Gamers will be able to get their hands on Sony's PlayStation Portable device for the first time at the Tokyo Games Show, it has been confirmed - with the first playable software set to be demoed at the Japanese consumer event this autumn.

Although the PSP was unveiled officially at E3 this week, Sony has only shown off the hardware and demonstrations of the software so far - with hands-on playable software still several months off.

The Tokyo Games Show event, which is held in the Nippon Convention Centre in Chiba City just outside Tokyo, is one of the largest consumer games events in the Far East - attracting some 150,000 visitors over the course of the two-day public show on the last weekend of September.

The event will provide a perfect showcase for Sony's handheld platform, as it is held just over two months before the PSP is due to launch in Japan next December.

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