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SEGA's Project Rub to be DS launch title

It'll be called Feel the Magic: XY-XX in the US, and we've uncovered some details about it. It sounds like a Wario Ware inspired dating simulation.

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Sonic Team's Nintendo DS title Project Rub, now known as "I Would Die for You" in Japan, looks set to appear in the US alongside the DS hardware this November 21st under the banner of "Feel the Magic: XY-XX".

And while that alone sounds peculiar, the bizarre title has nothing on the game itself, which involves capturing the attentions of a beautiful girl by... forcing fish out of a friend's stomach, blowing out candles and tapping furiously to try and escape a stampede.

Feel the Magic is enjoying quite a positive reaction in the US, where SEGA of America has been demonstrating it to journos, and it's already been likened to Wario Ware and features a suitably unorthodox artistic style with silhouetted 3D characters and bright colouring the order of the day.

As we said, the idea is to get onside with a young lady, and there'll be some sort of convoluted plot behind it all played out in comic book style panels between around thirty mini-game challenges - and it's safe to say this girl is turned on by rather peculiar things.

Of the mini-games we've heard about, the strangest is clearly the stomach manipulation, which involves trying to coax fish out of the stomach of a friend - displayed on the lower screen - by tapping them furiously to try and force them out of his mouth - displayed on the top screen. It certainly beats some of our chat-up lines.

Another has you washing your dream date down using the touch screen, while another still has you stripping her of deadly scorpions, but perhaps the most interesting use of the DS' various features so far is a game which involves blowing out candles. The DS microphone will measure the power and duration of your exhalation, and if you blow too hard you'll get disorientated - on and off the screen.

Bizarre as it sounds though, we also can't wait to get our hands on it. Or our styluses, even, since the game will not utilise the D-pad or face buttons in any way, at least according to the reports we've read.

We'll let you know what we think of Feel the Magic: XY-XX as soon as we get our hands on it, which, with the system due out in the States on November 21st, shouldn't be all that long now.

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