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SEGA brings Puyo Pop Fever to Nintendo DS

Because Nintendo handhelds need puzzle games.

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SEGA has announced that it plans to bring its maddeningly addictive Puyo Pop Fever puzzle game to Nintendo DS this year in Japan - the DS having today been confirmed for release there on December 2nd.

Puyo Pop Fever, for those who missed its release on the home consoles and GBA, is all about rotating and slotting pairs of different coloured blobs into groups of four or more so they pop, and attempting to cause chain reactions by carefully arranging blobs above and below to connect when the blobs in the middle disappear.

The game will differ on the DS, as with virtually everything else, but only in a relatively minor way - the basic concept will remain the same, but players will be expected to rotate and move the Puyo blobs around with the DS' stylus or a finger.

SEGA has already shown off a rival PlayStation Portable version of Puyo Pop Fever at the Electronic Entertainment Expo earlier this year. You can read what we thought of the PS2 version when we reviewed it this March by heading here.

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