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Take-Two planning early support for PSP

No details of titles, but development work is already underway.

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Publisher Take-Two Interactive has revealed that it is planning to support Sony's PlayStation Portable with multiple software titles either at or shortly after the launch of the system.

No specific titles have been announced for the handheld system as yet, but development is already underway on several games - although Take-Two CEO Jeffrey Lapin didn't answer questions about the status of development or what development hardware had been received from Sony.

He did however say that the company expects to see PSP software retailing at around $40 at launch - £21.70 at current exchange rates, although we'd expect to see a £25 or more likely £30 price point in the UK, reflecting a €40 price in the Euro zone.

Lapin's sidestepping of questions about development hardware is interesting, not least because developers working on the system told us this week that they're still entirely in the dark about what the console is actually going to look like, and are having to make guesses based on Sony's comments about the controls in order to design control schemes for their games.

Guesses about what Take-Two properties might find their way onto the PSP are likely to focus strongly on the Grand Theft Auto franchise - with a handheld, PS2-quality GTA title probably quite high on a lot of wishlists for the console.

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