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Rockstar's console, PSP plans for 2005

New dates for The Warriors and Midnight Club 3, and talk of new games from the Grand Theft Auto publisher.

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Although the PC and Xbox ports of GTA: San Andreas are bound to attract the most interest, Rockstar has also revealed that it has at least one new console title based on a "proven brand" in development, as well as two PSP titles based on existing products - all of which it plans to launch in 2005.

The publisher has also said that Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition for PS2 and Xbox will launch in the first three months of 2005, but that PS2 title The Warriors won't be with us until a bit later - probably between April and June.

There's no word on what we can expect from the "new console title", but it is being developed by one of Rockstar's internal studios - and our money would be on a sequel to Red Dead Revolver, which the publisher has openly admitted in the past that it would like to expand upon, and which enjoyed great chart success despite an inconsistent critical response.

Likewise the PSP titles, neither of which has been detailed, are bound to be based on obvious key franchises. The most blatant suspect for one of them is a Grand Theft Auto title; bringing a vision of Rockstar North's opus to a handheld is a task that's proven to be beyond Rockstar's vast resources on the Game Boy Advance, but with the PSP's extra muscle it would be a very interesting and very different project altogether. But who knows. Powerful handhelds do strange things to publisher (eh Namco?).

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