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Face the cast of Scarface

For tea and biscuits. And yeyo. All part of Vivendi's "Be In The Game" thingy.

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If you've ever wanted to be in a film with Al Pacino, this is the closest you're likely to get: Vivendi-Universal Games is offering seven people the chance to get their face plastered over one of the "environmental characters" (so, "extras") milling around in the publisher's forthcoming Scarface film license, and effectively act alongside him. And probably get shot to pieces by him, which would be an odd thing to play through.

All anybody has to do to stand a chance of being in the Scarface game is head here and fill out an entry form. If you're chosen at random presumably you'll be contacted and your face mapped into using the latest cutting edge facial dillydoodahs.

For those who missed it when it was originally announced, Vivendi's Scarface game is a third-person shooter along similar lines to Grand Theft Auto in scale and setting, and is being developed by Hulk developer Radical Games for release in autumn 2005. Read more about it from Vivendi's original announcement here.

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