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Tokyo gets ready for PSP launch

Capcom, Konami, Sony and others are queuing up to let Japanese gamers and the world's press try out SCE's ambitious handheld for the first time.

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The PlayStation Portable will be well supported at next week's Tokyo Game Show, judging by various announcements from key publishers who plan to either show off their games or let the public loose on playable demonstration versions.

Capcom recently confirmed that it plans to make a presentation of PSP software on the main stage, and, although details are scant, the publisher is expected to show off one or other of its three tentatively titled handheld games - Vampire Chronicle (Darkstalkers), Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe.

Whether that means that the game swill only be seen in video form is impossible to say at this point, but there should be plenty of other playable product at the show to try out, including three Konami titles - the previously confirmed Metal Gear Acid, Ys: The Ark of Napishtim, and Mahjong Fight Club.

Taito is also planning to provide more details of a Bust-A-Move game for the PSP, to be called Puzzle Bobble Pocket in Japan, while Sony itself plans playable versions of an adventure game starring Sony Japan mascot Taro the cat, a Hot Shots Golf spin-off title, a new Ape Escape action game and an action-RPG of some sort.

With plenty more titles expected to make an appearance on the show floor, the PSP should really come to life - and of course Sony is expected, although perhaps not guaranteed, to announce pricing and release date details at the same time.

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