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NFSU Rivals slips off the PSP pace

EA's handheld racer makes a pit stop or something race-related and winds up with a new target of early 2005.

Need For Speed Underground Rivals has slipped off the pace set by its host, the PlayStation Portable, and now won't be joining the Sony handheld on Japanese store shelves this December. Instead, gamers wishing to get their hands on Electronic Arts' cut-down wireless-enabled street racer will have to wait until February 17th.

EA had previously confirmed that its PSP version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour was also on track for release in early 2005. Both Tiger Woods and Need For Speed had originally been positioned as PSP launch titles.

Meanwhile, slightly less worrying for those of us in the West with an import fetish is the news that Koei's Mahjong Taikai has slipped from the December 12th launch date to December 22nd.

All of which leaves Armored Core Formula Front (From Software), Mahjong Fight Club (Konami), Minna-no Golf Portable (or Hot Shots Golf, from SCE), Ridge Racers (Namco) and Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower (Capcom) as titles widely anticipated on December 12th - based on a mixture of retail solicitations and publisher confirmations.

However PSP fans won't have to wait long for more games, with Dynasty Warriors, Metal Gear Acid, Puzzle Bobble Pocket and Puyo Puyo Fever amongst titles likely to appeal to Westerners due out before the year's end in Japan.

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