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PSP will play games for eight hours - reports

Reports citing the October issue of Popular Science suggest that the PSP will be able to play games for up to eight hours before needing a recharge. The article also has figures for music and movies.

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Of all the question marks loitering around Sony's PlayStation Portable - which should be playable at the Tokyo Game Show for the very first time today - the one parked on the end of a sentence about battery life is perhaps the most hotly debated.

However, according to reports featuring scans of the latest Popular Science magazine, the PSP will enjoy a relatively healthy battery life. A report on the PSP in that magazine suggests that the handheld will be able to play games continuously for up to eight hours.

Music, on the other hand, will be able to run for around ten hours, while movies are apparently a lot more intensive and will only be able to last for two and a half hours before you have to seek a recharge for the Li-ion battery. Which is bad news for any Coppola fans in the audience, we fear.

Sony has yet to confirm the figures, which surfaced in the October issue of Popular Science, but if true then they're higher than a lot of estimates, many of which have argued that the PSP would have trouble lasting as long as the average laptop while gaming.

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