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Dark Cloud dev working on PSP RPG

But is it Dark Cloud 3 or something else?

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Japanese firm Level 5, developer of the Dark Cloud games, Dragon Quest VIII and aborted Microsoft MMORPG True Fantasy Live Online, is working on an original role-playing game for the PlayStation Portable.

Sony has described the game as "a new, original RPG," however speculation is rife that it may be a third Dark Cloud game (which failed to materialise at E3 despite earning a mention on Sony's pre-E3 promotional website), or at the very least have something to do with this cryptic teaser uploaded earlier this year.

We'll bring you more details as they become available.

Having already heard of a Final Fantasy VII derived RPG for PSP this morning, the Sony handheld line-up is suddenly starting to sound more appealing. If we've heard about a Klonoa game and a couple of platformers by lunchtime we may even chuck in a pre-order...

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