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Merry Christmas From Eurogamer!

We're off now. Check back next week for our Top 50 Games Of 2004 (yes, we're as surprised as you are), and join us again for real on January 4th.

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Contrary to popular opinion, we're not at the pub today. But we're not strictly working either. In fact, with the holidays now in full force, we're taking - as we hope you are - a well deserved break. Eurogamer will return to its normal self on January 4th 2005.

In the meantime however, there's one final review for the year, and it's been a labour of love for our Tom: step this way for our Japanese import review of Ridge Racers on the PlayStation Portable, written through a severe but thoroughly deserved hangover.

And, you'll be delighted to hear, next week will see the publication of our Top 50 Games of 2004, a document that has grown in the past few days to include commentary from virtually everyone on the team, and which should be good for a few laughs and sobs. Who will be number one? Actually, scratch that. Who will be number two?

Find out next week. And have a very pleasant few days in-between. Whether you're celebrating or not, we hope you have a great time and look forward to seeing you again bright and early next year so we can get back to the beautiful business of enjoying one of the most important mediums on the planet.



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