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Sega has DS dev tools

Still to make its mind up on development.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sega president Hisao Oguchi has told the Nikkei Industrial Daily that his company has "development tools" for producing Nintendo DS titles, and that Sega is "ready to offer software" for PSP when the platforms lands in late 2004.

Although Sega has yet to confirm development of any specific DS titles, they're clearly evaluating it. Mr Oguchi did not specify whether he meant software or hardware tools, which is a shame, but IGN reports that DS development kits were sent out by Nintendo of America just recently.

Still, even indecision is good news for Nintendo. Better than THQ's lack of interest, anyway. If Nintendo can land a Sega title or two for its mysterious and controversial handheld, of which we still know relatively little, it might encourage more people to take it seriously.

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