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Katamari Damacy sequel shots, info

Just not very much of either, that's all.

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Namco has updated its official Japanese website with a teaser page for the forthcoming PS2 sequel to Katamari Damacy, giving us our first glimpse of the game via four (tiny) screenshots and giving us something to call it.

"Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy" translates as the characteristically quirky "Everyone's Favourite Katamari Damacy", or "Everyone Loves Katamari Damacy" depending on who you turn to for translation.

Conflicting reports suggest the release date translates as either "spring 2005" or the less committed "2005 spring... or summer... or winter."

For now though, any talk of the sequel will be limited to speculation as, apart from a fleeting glimpse of what looks like a primary school classroom in the screenshots, Namco has yet to make plain anything concrete about the follow-up.

One thing we do know though is that the original game's Japanese website is set to come to a standstill now the devs are back at work. "This site is operated by the development staff, but we will have to stop its updates for a while to concentrate on Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy's creation," a note on the site explained.

"Please look forward to the upcoming Katamari Damacy."

We do. Oh we do. (In case you don't yet, investigate our review of the Japanese original here.)

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